April 7, 2009

Real Jobs

I consider myself a professional when it comes to my job requirements and I expect any company who wants me to work for them to be the same. I am never late for scheduled meetings or interviews. If I am given a specific time I am there! There is no being late!

I am very dissapointed in the company who wanted me to work for them because they to me were not professional. When a time is set for an appointment, stick to it! Don't change it and then send an email afterwards lying about it!

But, it's there loss and I will not consider working with them again. If they can't stick with a schedulded time and try to lie to cover themselves then they're not a real job. Who knows how they would have done with paychecks, etc.

I've been through this a few times before and it's very frustrating and unprofessional. There are better jobs out there.