April 17, 2009

I need a New Laptop

I have a chance to win a new laptop. For those of you who already know, my laptop is going downhill really fast. This would be a wonderful Mother's Day aside from seeing my boys.

So far we're still without income, so we're hanging by a thread and my hubby is now pacing the floor. What he was promised in pay was incorrect and he has yet to receive an unemployment check due to his job applying as well as him.

My only source of income is my laptop. It's what pays the bills for the most part. When this peice of junk crashes I won't have any income coming in anymore. A few days ago my laptop told me it was low on virtual memory. Lately it's been making a squeaking noise which means the fan is going out. I've sprayed it, cleaned it, tried repairing everything, it still hasn't helped. If I move my laptop in any way it crashes because the plug unit is loose from overheating once again. The cooling pad I have isn't helping. It's time I retired this laptop before it's too late.

If you have a moment please look to the right of this page. You'll see a button that says Mom of All Bloggers Nominate. I would love for you to nominate me so I can win a new laptop. It doesn't cost anything and I would be very greatful.

Thank You!