April 5, 2009

Future Job Options

Lately I've really been considering going back to school and furthering my education in MS Nursing. However, I don't want to have to take classes away from home. The reason for this is because we can't afford daycare and it would also take time away from my work online.

I found a great college that allows me to do just that. Saint Xavier University has some great high quality graduate programs that are ran by a professional faculty. Plus, they've had over 3,50o graduates. Not bad for an online school! They also have financial aid which is definitely something I could use. However, I do need to have a bachelor's degree from an already accredited college course to apply for this program. Looks like I'm out of luck for now. Bummer.

It's really something to think about though. There is a community college here that does offer nursing classes on their campus. Well, who knows. maybe I'll start there and end with Saint Xavier University.