April 12, 2009

Camping Without Electricity

We spent the weekend away from home. Why? Because funds are running low and we needed a break away from the stress of life. The trip didn't cost us anything and it was just camping, but still it was nice.

It's funny because I didn't miss the things around my home while I was gone. We had food, I had a few books and we had clothing and tents and blankets to stay warm. Even with freezing temperatures, it was still an enjoyable weekend. Plus the added bonus was, I caught 4 fish. I caught a buffalo, a drum, a channel cat and a flathead. The only fish we kept was the flathead which I've already filleted and I'm making for lunch or dinner this week.

The only thing I really missed was having my laptop. It would have been nice to get a little work done or watch a movie, but where we camped there was no electricity, just the entertainment of a campfire and the sounds of the river and coyotes. I'm sure my husband missed the idea of electricity as well.

He loves his movies and a portable DVD player or television from wholesale electronics might have been just the ticket to keep him a truly happy camper! I know I hate paying full price for anything and I've heard buying wholesale can sometimes save quite a bit.

I know this summer if we can afford to do so, my husband wants to head to Kansas City and shop wholesale there for some items he's been wanting. Now is definitely the time to be saving.