March 14, 2009

Spring Cleaning's Gone Fishy

Last week I started spring cleaning. The first area I decided to declutter was the front yard and porch. Since I no longer plan to do any potting, I decided to get rid of some pots that I had by putting them on a local website that gives away stuff for free to the local area.

When I went to write down all of the pots, I discovered someone had stolen one of them along with a little ceramic worm that changes color when the plant needs water. Ironically none of the other pots were taken, including the exact mate with the other worm. It's the first theft we've had in this neighborhood and at first I wondered if kids did it. But today My husband went looking for his fishing poles and found a few of them gone, so now we're not so sure.

I think it's time to up the security around this place.