March 20, 2009

Old Furniture Different Life

Years ago when I lived in New Jersey we started off not having any real furniture. This was due to the fact that the moving company had not made it to our home on time and they damaged a lot of our property.

So we were offered a sectional couch that literally took up the entire living Of course it would never have been my first choice in couches, however it wasn't a time to be picky and eventually the sectional grew on me.

Today I have two recliners sitting in my living room. And while they are on their last breath of life, there's not a lot I can do about it because of the current situation. Maybe someday I'll update, but I doubt it will be anything big because our living room is not set up for giant furniture.

Maybe if I still lived in New jersey and things were different that old sectional might have been updated with a new one. Maybe I would have considered the discount sectionals offered by Furniture E Superstore or maybe we would have shopped locally. Who knows!