March 1, 2009

It's Been a While

And I can't really apologize for it. For the past few weeks, alot has been going on. First, I spent some time in the hospital for a severe kidney infection that was causing my kidney to bleed, high fevers, dehydration and other problems. The doctor ended up hooking me to an IV needle to get antibiotics in me and requested that I stay to keep an eye on me.

When I was finally well again, I had family visiting from up north and I was backed up with work. I'm still behind on work and a week's pay which I'm hoping to catch up with soon.

Today I'm working on my novel or attempting to, anyway. Just a few minutes ago the toilet backed up, so I had to fight with that. So much

Some fun news. I did manage to interview an author who has cerebral palsy on my blogtalk radio show. So if you're interested, you should check out the show. My radio show is at:

I was also asked to be a part of a bigger radio show to promote my novel, "The Generation." However, it was a bit of a let down due to the fact that the producers who'd promised to call back, never did.

So I think that brings things up to date.