March 4, 2009

I Saw a Friend Of Mine Today

I saw a friend of mine today that I used to work with. She was telling me that she might be moving to Arizona. It seems her mom is looking at retiring there. I remember when I moved back here and was welcomed by the relocation services here in Independence, Kansas.LOL I have no idea how they got my name, but I'm assuming the real estate office gave it to them.

I wonder if my friend will be welcomed by the Arizona relocation services. I guess it might be nice if you're new to the area. I know one thing is for sure! Arizona's weather is nice right now compared to here! While we've been having snow my friend was telling me they've been having some awesome summer weather!

I miss the warmer weather and hope that we get it again here soon. I'll miss my friend when she moves. She's such a blast and a sweetheart. I wish her the best of luck in her move to Arizona.