March 3, 2009

I May Be a Writer, But....

.....I do have my moments when I need to look up information. I think the worst is when I am looking for a file extension. Usually I will do a web search if I have a file come up as unknown. For the most part I know most extensions like avi, jsp, jpg, etc. But there are also times when I'm stumped. So I go searching again and find sites like file extension jad where I can look up the term so I know what program I need to run that file. Sometimes I'll find what I'm looking for and sometimes I won't.

Of course the best part about being a writer is researching. I enjoy researching, so it generally doesn't take me long to find what I am looking for. And when it does, I can spend an entire night on one subject and not even realize it! LOL Okay, rambling now. Thanks for your time!