March 25, 2009


Things haven't been their greatest here. The infected kidney that sent me to the hospital, never really left and now I'm fighting another virus. Since my hospital visit I have been trying to eat right and drink more fluids as well as exercise. The eating right is somewhere in between and I'm constantly drinking water with lemon and lime. But, it honestly doesn't help that the air is severely dry and that there is a fan that runs constantly on us at night in the bedroom. As far as exercise? That went right out the window after doing 15 minutes of squats.

A few other notes. Yesterday was the hubby's last day of work. Unfortunately we're not sure he'll be able to file for unemployment due to a severance package he isn't expecting anytime soon and yes you read that right. I guess we'll see how it all works out.

On another note I woke up yesterday to the house being 63 degrees. Usually the temperature is set at 68. It seemed the thermometer wasn't registering that the house was in need of some heat. Interestingly enough when I kicked it over to cool it turned on just fine, but when I turned it to heat it wouldn't work. So I kicked it back over to cool and then back to heat and it finally worked. When I told the hubby about it he decided that someone simply turned off the heat. Nope. Not Unless we're being haunted by Casper the Ghost. I checked. I'm guessing it's a thermostat problem and it's not registering for some reason.

And last, but certainly not least. On the far right page you'll notice something called an Entrecard. I use it, I love it. It's a great way to get visitors. However, lately people applying for space on my Entrecard have been rejected due to the interest of my readers and the non-relevance of this blog. So, you may see it blank from time to time. Feel free to apply if you're blog/website is similar to mine or at least in the mom/writing category.