February 2, 2009

Writing for a Purpose

One of the biggest things I am battling right now is what sort of content to put on my website. My blog is easy enough because I can just talk about day to day things that are going on, but I want to do something different with my website.

I've considered working with budgeting ideas due to the economy since it's a very popular topic right now. A lot of families are looking for ways to trim their financial budget and still live without feeling like they're being seriously deprived from everything. It's hard I know, I've been there.

One of the things that I discovered was that you can actually buy content for your website. Places like Purecontent.com are offering content in various forms for a reasonable fee.

Although sites like these are not for me, there are many website owners who are not all that fond of coming up with their own content or simply don't have the time. For myself however, I find that keeping things real is a much better approach. I don't mind having an author post something on my site once in a while, but I write because I love writing. When I'm having someone else write it defeats the purpose of my passion and readers are not able to get to know me.

What do you think?