February 10, 2009

Our Current Seating Arrangement

One of the things my husband looks forward to every night is the television. He loves his movies, video games and music. I'm not such a big fan, but I do like to sit down and watch a movie or play a video game once in a while.

Currently our seating arrangement is not much. We have a few old recliners and that's it. Eventually when things get financially better I'm sure we'll be replacing the recliners that we do have. They're old and on their last springs.

One of the things my husband has looked at in the past is home theatre seating. Now I don't know about most wives, but I can't really see this as being something we can simply put in our living room. Maybe if we had a movie viewing room, but that's a bit far-fetched if you ask me.

I'd much rather just spend the extra money and step out into the real world to go to the movie theare. What do you think?