January 6, 2009

Water and Bubble Fun

A few months ago I received to Spinmaster products, Aquadoodle and Bath Blizzard to review. Both are creative toys that keep kids busy with play. And while that may be true for some, it's not for all.

The Aquadoodle is an excellent toy if you don't have a child who is
n't picky about their artwork. The drawback is the water pen that the mat uses isn't going to keep picky artists happy since one mistake and your child will have to wait for it to dry. And by that time the entire drawing is gone. Another problem is if your kids are like mine, they like to hang their artwork up for display and obviously it's not an option. Aside from that, the Aquadoodle is a great choice for those with kids who draw all over everything. There's no mess or clean up which is great!

The Bath Blizzard my step-kids were not impressed with. Maybe it's the type of bubble bath that the Blizzard comes with, but her complaint was it didn't make enough bubbles and she was right! The good news is it's really about the only complaint she had. Unfortunately it was also only a one time attention grabber since it doesn't produce many bubbles. The one thing I did notice however, the bubble action does last about 10 minutes longer than what is stated in the product manual.

All in all I think if you have kids that are still young enough not to care about drawing mistakes or big bubbles, these products will be some awesome entertainment for your child!