January 13, 2009

Review of MagNext for Kids

I'm not a big fan of letting kids under 13 play online without constant supervision, but I might be able to see myself easing up a little for kids 13 and older on MegaBrands' MagNext .

The website is based off of the building pieces known as magnetics. Only the website is a free game where you play with the marble looking balls in various colors. The interesting thing is you can build and collect and you can race them on racetracks or run them on a roller coaster ride. Kinda cool in my opinion and it gives the kids something to do on a rainy day.

The only thing I did notice, however. If you have a computer that is old or slow like mine, you're better off skipping this website. Also, make sure you're keeping an eye on your kids' activities. Although I didn't see any real danger while playing, it's all too easy to lie about your age on this website. All they ask for when you sign up is an email address, your username and whether you’re under 13 or over 14.

I could have easily just clicked the, I’m under 13 button and there would have been no questions asked. Even the, I’m over 14 button is a bit leery since as I said, anyone can join the site.

It's a neat site, but I’d really recommend that you try the site out yourself before you allow your kids to do so.