January 22, 2009

Part Two Of Diet PIlls

Since there has been a lot of talk about diet pills and fat burners like Leptovox, I really think that I want to touch base with this topic again.

Years ago I decided I needed to really lose some stubborn fat because all of the walking I had been doing was not dropping the after-pregnancy fat that I had. I had also somehow thought at that time my ex was really into the models with the beautiful bodies. Plus, he too decided that he wanted to lose some fat, so we purchased a very popular fat burner (celebrity endorsed of course!) in hopes of looking like the before an after pictures on the box.

But, after taking about half of the pills in the box we saw no improvement because we were looking for an instant miracle, so we gave up. It was also during that time that many pills were popping up as being dangerous. I guess we were lucky enough that the one we had chosen had not caused us any harm.

But the really interesting part about this story is, we were looking for instant miracle. Diet pills, fat burners, whatever a company wants to call them, are not instant miracles. It takes healthy eating and a great workout routine to get your body into shape. Discipline is really the key to any weight loss with or without a pill.

There's also something else. There is no such thing as the perfect body. Someone may tell you they have seen one, but in reality we have no idea what the perfect body really looks like. Man is determined that everything needs to be perfect or it's not worth it. While it's not good to be obese, it's also not fair to be ridiculed or turned down for a date because you don't have a skinny supermodel body.

So in my opinion, man needs to shut up and open their eyes because natural beauty is the best damn thing that will ever happen to them.