January 19, 2009

Paintball and Lay Offs

A while back my hubby was talking about paintball and opening a field here with his brother. He wanted to look at different equipment like a paintball sniper, tanks and masks. His idea was to use the income tax return to get started. He even went as far as scouting for the land. But, then his talk stopped and he was back to just talking about work.

So I really wonder if he would have ever gone through with his plans. I still wonder, so maybe? But, now that there's talk of lay offs at work, I wonder if he'll try something new or if we'll have the money to really do something like that.

Right now I don't think owning a paintball field would be a good idea because sales wouldn't be very good. People love entertainment, but when it costs money and there's very little of that, it doesn't work out. Still there's nothing wrong with playing even if that means buying new paintball equipment.

It's still too early to know, but my hubby is still at risk for a lay off. He and his dad were discussing it last night and the earliest he'll know anything is this week or next.