January 28, 2009

My Love For Tea

Instead of drinking stuff like sodas and coffee, I have this highly insane addiction for teas. Of course, so does my husband. Not too long ago we discovered a tea shop right here in our home town of Independence, Kansas. It's a small town and because of the economy, I often wonder how long it will be before we lose our favorite place to buy tea.

Much of the reason we love the shop so much is because their teas are all-natural. The teas are grown around Independence and there are so many unusual and wonderful teas. The last time we visited the shop, we found a tea that has a smoky flavor from being roasted over pine wood. It was delicious. Tonight I'm enjoy another tea we purchased that is a white tea with the citrus pieces of an orange, lemon and lime. It is very yummy.

I still wonder how our favorite little tea shop will fare in this recent crisis and I wonder our other tea shops like the one I wrote about, The Tea Infusion Cafe in Orlando, FL. I'm guessing since Orlando is a big city, it's probably doing much better than most! Only time will tell.