January 22, 2009

My Biggest Fear

With the economy the way it is, my biggest fear is that many of the online and even some offline companies who aren't feeling the crunch, will take advantage of the situation and pay out less to their employees just to keep more money in their pockets. Now I'm not saying that all companies will do that, but I'm very sure there are some that will do it.

Remember when the gas prices went on the rise and Bush had to threaten some gas companies who raised their prices more then necessary? I know of one gas company in the town of Coffeyville, Kansas who was threatened by other companies because he refused to take advantage of customers, so they bought their gas from him which in return pissed off the other companies. That was before Bush found out what many of those companies were doing at that time.

So I'm willing to bet many businesses will be taking advantage of the economy's situation and use the opportunity to pay as less as possible to their employees because they know that right now people are willing to work for so much less than what they're really worth. Such a sad, sad world we live in.