January 19, 2009

January Financial Update

Things have gotten a little better over the past few weeks with my online income. Unfortunately I wasn't able to add an extra payment to the credit cards because we had to buy a new vehicle for my husband to get back and forth to work with. Right now we are tightening our budget and saving money for the tags, taxes and title of his truck.

But speaking of credit cards, I did receive an interesting notice in the mail about the one card I've kept open. Apparently they've sold their accounts to another bank which makes me wonder if they went bankrupt due to the economy's stupidity.

Anyway here is my income for the first few weeks of this month.

January 1st - 15th

Payu2blog $17.50
Private Sales $320.00
Payperpost $10.00
Youdata $1.20
Socialspark $28.65
Slicethepie $2.00
Adbrite $0.00
Kontera $0.00

Total: $379.35