January 14, 2009

It Leaves Me Speechless

It's cold and temperatures outside are at freezing level. You're on your way to drop the kids off to your ex's house. The car winds up in a snowdrift and you can't get it out. What's your first instinct?

Well, if you're like most parents, you'd make sure your kids are okay, keep the heater running and call or wait for help. But, apparently there are some real idiots out there like the father from Jerome, Idaho who sent his kids packing BY THEMSELVES 10 miles to their mother's house on Christmas Day!!!!

Even worse was the fact that he was not alone with the children. His cousin was with him and after he sent his children walking he got his car our of the snow and drove HOME!!!!!

Sadly the little girl who was 11 years old died from hypothermia.

It leaves me speechless to think that a parent would do something like this. We all make stupid mistakes when raising our babies, but this is beyond words and beyond stupidity. I'm glad to hear that the father could face life in prison.