January 29, 2009

It All Comes Down To

As you are all very well aware of by now, my husband is at risk of a lay off at his job. Today is the day on whether or not we will know if he made it through the lay off or not. If he didn't, we're in the dark on what we'll do.

There really is no option of selling this house because right now, no one is willing to buy anything. And honestly, I don't blame them! So in order to stay afloat we'll need to take other drastic measures.

One of the things I considered not too long ago was getting a degree online. I'm pretty good at management, so I considered getting a CAPM certificate. While I do realize a lot of the bigger salaried workers are the first to get cut, I also realize that this economy crisis we're in, won't be forever.

Management makes anywhere from $70,000 to $111,000 per a year. That's pretty good! Now, I doubt right now those guys are making that much, but in the future I'd be willing to bet they'll be at that salary again.

I also looked at Crisis Management with St. Joseph's University. While the yearly salary is extremely low (less than what my husband makes per a year in some areas), it's still very rewarding work.

What;s Your Opinion? Would you do something like this if it meant being better off financially in the long run? Or do you prefer to work in something you're truly passionate about, despite the pay?