December 28, 2008

We're Starting the New Years With a Bang

My husband's truck finally broke down from neglect. He's considering just buying another vehicle, but where we're getting the money to buy it with is unclear. Because we make less than our mortgage and utilities add up to, we don't qualify for a loan and borrowing money from family is obviously out of the question due to the economic crisis.

I've hinted that he should just fix the truck's problem for now and then worry about a new vehicle when we can afford one, but I really don't think he wants to do that. So, I guess his dreams of making his truck like new again are on hold. At one time he was considering parking it in the garage and rebuilding the engine and body of it. I don't really know if he would want to add a supercharger to his baby, but who knows!

I know if he ever does, superchargerpros might be the place to go. I've checked them out before and they seem pretty cool. They have superchargers for just about every car and truck built. You can find a mercedes supercharger, Buick and Pontiac just to name a few.

They look like they have some great prices from what I can see, but I have yet to check anywhere else for something like this. And people seem to love their customer service, so that is definitely a bonus. And even better is their free shipping!