December 1, 2008

Time and Awards

I am way behind on blog comments and emails, so I decided today was the day to catch up on them.

One of the comments I received was from Bokjake and his wife Rock. His blog is Listening, Learning, Living. Bokjae shares so much wonderful wisdom and so many wonderful personal moments in his life. It's easy to understand why so many bloggers follow his blog. I am one of them.

Several months ago he left me with a comment and a nomination of the award, "I Love Your Blog." At the moment I don't have time to share in the passing on of this award, but I can guarantee Bokjae's blog would be one of the blogs to receive this award. Of course there are others too, but this could be a very long post if I shared my thoughts on all of them at the moment. I hope to be able to do that sometime soon. In the meantime, I would like to leave you with the beauty of this award.

Update: I have been honored with another award, The Butterfly Award. This time from Descartes of London Thoughts. Descartes is a photographer with several wonderful blogs. Thank You Descartes for the wonderful award!