December 7, 2008

Problems With Our Police Departments

Over the Thanksgiving Holiday, my father bought the Joplin newspaper to read. In it he saw an article about the misuse of government issued credit cards. I know that the military must follow strict rules when they use a government card, so I wonder if police officers are issued government cards as well.

It makes me wonder because sadly in the past I've read about several police officers stealing from the evidence room or a local grocery or department store. Do they not have a spending allowance for clothing or police issued equipment such as 5.11 Tactical Knives or tasers?

I know they certainly don't make enough money starting out. So maybe that is the reason? Maybe the government or cities should be looking into situations such as these if they're not already doing so. But, if they are, I guess these officers would not be stealing for the pleasure of it or to make ends meet.

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