December 4, 2008

Oscar the Grouch Puzzle's Me

My kids love puzzles, so when I received the Kid K'nex Oscar the Grouch Building Set, I was excited. I loved Sesame Street as a child and was excited to see Oscar as a puzzle. However, after checking out some of the pieces for the puzzle, I was a bit puzzled myself. The building set is intended for ages 2 and up. But, there is a long skinny puzzle piece (part of his leg) that could easily get jammed in the back of a toddler's throat or poke an eye.

While I love Oscar the Grouch and the little pet worm that comes along with the set, I really can't see a 2-3 year old playing with these without constant adult supervision. Other than that, I think this might be a cute Christmas idea for ages 4 and up! Below is a photo of the product I received. Cute huh?