December 7, 2008

Mid-Week November Financial Update

Because of the holidays I've been way behind in both posting and working and job opportunities online have been rare. I also had to use the credit card that is not a closed account to get my husband's glasses.

Usually when we pick up glasses from the eyewear shop, they've already filed his insurance and we get a check to pay for the glasses. Well for some reason this time, they didn't file his insurance. So in order to get his glasses we had to pay half down. Unfortunately half down was nearly half of what my husband and I make in a week, so we couldn't afford it out of pocket. So, I had to use the credit card.

The good news is, just as soon as we do get the check from the insurance company, that amount will go back on the credit card. Well, that is unless, something else goes wrong, sigh.

Here is a breakdown of what I've made online for the last two weeks of November.

November 15-30th

Payu2blog: $30.00
Payperpost: $27.50
SocialSpark: $7.04
Adbrite: $0.00
Kontera: $0.00

Total: $64.54