December 31, 2008

Matt Dillon Going to Prison For Speeding?

I just don't get it. One minute the world lets a celebrity off easy while in the next they try to send a celebrity to prison for speeding. I've been caught speeding before and the worst I've had is a speeding ticket, but Vermont wants to send actor Matt Dillion to prison for speeding? And to quote:

"He is scheduled to appear in Vermont District Court on Jan. 21. If convicted, he could get three months in jail and be fined $300.

"We're trying to treat him no different than we would anyone else," said Sgt. Tara Thomas, a State Police spokeswoman."

If that statement is true, why not give him a speeding ticket and get it over with? Sending him to prison is not treating him equally unless it's a Vermont state law to send people to prison if they're caught speeding!