December 24, 2008

Here I am Working on Christmas Eve!

It's Christmas Eve and here I am online working. It's not that I really enjoy working. My job just requires me to work on days I don't want to at times. So even working online isn't all fun and games. You have crazy and odd hours just like in the real world.

There are some added benefits of working online, however. As I stated in my prior post, I get to review some great products. Everything from electronics to toys to books, to music, makeup and clothing. And you can bet your ass I'm not the only one who does this! If you hop on over to John Chow's website you'll find he reviews all kinds of electronics and gets to keep them! I haven't had the privilege of getting a new laptop or digital video camera yet, but I hope I will someday! Because everyone knows I can certainly use a new laptop!!