December 7, 2008

Cats and Heater Vents

I know it's freakin' cold outside and to an older cat it's really cold, but I'm wondering... How do you get a cat to stay off of a particular floor heating vent?

We have a heating vent that sits directly below the kitchen cabinets. When the heater kicks on, the cat's fur flies onto the cabinets and into clean dishes on the dish drain.

We don't mind if the cat sits on any other vent in the house, but he refuses to sleep anywhere else. I've tried spraying him with water, I've tried spraying around the vent with a training aid spray, I've tried picking him up and moving him to another vent when it was on, I've even tried closing the vent. He still sleeps on it.

The only solution I found was to block the vent with a trash can so he couldn't lay on it, but that creates a problem of I can't get to my drawers or cabinets. Plus, one night he was really determined and just moved the trash can out of his

So I'm running out of options. I really can't move the dish drain and I certainly can't move the cabinets! Anyone else have this problem? Did you find a solution that works?