November 18, 2008

Truck Upgrades

One of the things that my husband eventually wants to do is fix his truck. Right now it's more of a work truck than anything and gets him from point A to point B. When the time is right, he wants to upgrade with a new engine and a new body. I'm sure that there are other things he also wants to do to the truck.

One of the many parts that my husband may be interested in for his truck is the
audi turbo from turbocharger pros. I also noticed that they have several other parts available as well. The best part is they have free ground shipping for any order! I love free shipping.

It's not easy to find free shipping on auto parts and not without having a minimum order and I'm sure you'll agree. So for guys, it's a great treat!

I really don't know how soon my husband will be able to start working on his truck, but by the time he does, he'll have so many great places to shop at and options to choose from! It's great!!!