November 25, 2008

Riding a Motorcyle

When my dad was a teenager he got from place to place on a motorcycle. Then, one day he was injured severely. He managed to survive, but the scars will never go away.

My dad lived in a small town when his accident happened. But, motorcycles are everywhere. If you have ever driven in a big city, you know how crazy drivers can get. Now imagine trying to drive a motorcycle in a big city! It can get insane!

So, motorcycle accident lawyers Los Angeles know this. They know how easy it is to become a victim. I often wonder if celebrities like Keanu Reeves ever worry about getting hit by crazy drivers. I'm sure he does, I just hope he never needs to hire a lawyer. But if he does, it's nice to know that they're around. I just wish my dad would have had the same opportunity as Keanu Reeves does today.