November 5, 2008

Obama and a Warning

It's already November and while I'm loving the warm weather, it also worries me. Usually by now the weather tends to cool off. While we've had a few cooler days, it's still warm enough to wear shorts in the late afternoon! What's even more worrisome is we're officially under a tornado watch here in the small town of Independence, Kansas. Now I am wondering if we're at risk for a tornado warning. The clouds today as my husband pointed out, certainly didn't look too inviting. Don't get me wrong, I love tornadoes. I would love to be chasing tornadoes, but I'm now wondering how bad off our earth is with all of the crazy weather changes. Remember the year that it snowed in Florida????? Ya. We live in one hell of an insane world.

To top matters off, Obama was officially elected president of the United States. I think it's wonderful that we're putting behind our racist past. It is time for a change. But, I was very skeptical about his plans and his past. I still am. I wasn't a supporter of McCain either. And Hilary didn't fair well in my book either.

However, what's done is done and since no one else had the balls to step up and run for office, we chose someone who will hopefully make changes for the better. We'll see. All we can do is hope for the best!