November 3, 2008

New Eyeglasses

Last week we had to buy glasses for the hubby's son. Usually we buy the eyeglasses in the same building where the eye doctor is. However, the last time we went shopping for glasses we decided to try to save some money. While we did save money, we had a scare that the new shop we purchased from might have gotten the prescription wrong. It turned out that they didn't. Still, it took us a while to get the information because they tried to argue they could not give out the info the doctor or us. Basically they were protecting their butts in case they did make a mistake.

So this past week we went back to the shop we're used to buying from and were sort of regretting it. After everything was said and done the eyeglasses were nearly $200! We're at least lucky that they have a payment plan.

It's scary however that eyeglasses can get so expensive! A while back I was doing some research online and found that Zenni Optical is pretty darn reasonable when it comes to eyeglasses. Zenni always has some great prices going on. For example their selection of glasses start out at only $8! That's nearly as reasonable as a gallon of milk around here! So I keep telling myself that I need to show the hubby their website and see what he thinks! One of these days!