November 11, 2008

The Increasing Cost of Insurance and Taxes in Independence, Kansas

As of our last renewal date, our insurance increased. This concerns me because prior we had a really great friend who worked for the insurance company that we deal with. Now that she is no longer working there, she is unable to help us specifically with the higher cost of our home and auto rates.

And while the owner is still there, it is often difficult to work with him because he doesn't always understand what we need no matter how clear we make it. So I'm wondering if we'll need to look elsewhere for cheap auto insurance in the near future.

I think the reason the insurance has gone up is because this city and county continues to raise taxes. We learned not too long ago that it is cheaper to live in northern Kansas or northern Oklahoma than to live here.

In northern Oklahoma a friend of my husband's is paying $284 a year in taxes on a $100,000 home and $44 a year for taxes on a 2000 vehicle! That's insane compared to the $1220 a year we pay on our $60,000 home and $56 a year in taxes on the hubby's 1979 vehicle!!!