November 18, 2008

Financial Update for November

As I said mentioned earlier, I am a little behind on blogging updates, work, etc. Here is my update for the first two weeks of November's financial update and goal. I have not paid any more towards debt in these two weeks, but I plan on reducing the balance on the debt next month. The reason for this is because we have five kids we want to buy Christmas gifts for. However, I did put a little money into savings for a car.

Also, I am trying to add to my freelance projects and other online financial opportunities. I am a follower of blogger John Chow. One of his famous quotes talks about not putting all of your eggs into one basket.

However, John Chow isn't the only one who has talked about this. I was reading money magazine today and an article in the magazine suggested the same idea. I think it's a wise decision, more so because of the economic crisis that we are in. Here is my update:

November 1st thru 14th

Payu2blog: $10.00
Payperpost: $17.05
Adbrite: $0.27,
Private Sales: $150.00
Kontera: $0.00

Total: $177.32

As you can see my total dropped by over $100 compared to the last two weeks of October!!! I am hoping to raise this up again!