November 18, 2008

Christmas Shopping in This Economy

Tis the season once again! With holiday shopping just around the corner and upcoming bills and a surgery that is needed, we may very well be strapped for cash this Christmas.

The good news is, we've already done a little Christmas shopping for the kids. Unfortunately we haven't done any shopping for the rest of the family or each other. I remember a time when most major department stores and some discount stores offered the option of lawaway during the holiday seasons. Now most places don't offer it because of store credit cards.

While credit cards are a nice option for stores, they're not always the best option for those of us who are trying to pay off debt or won't qualify for any sort of credit.

This year however, Sears is offering their layaway program!! It's too bad we don't have a sears department store because they have some really nice stuff. Plus I think that the Sears Layaway would be awesome! We could get a few things and save for them!

For example, I would love a stainless steel drawer dishwasher since I am remodeling the kitchen. And then there's the fact that we need a new microwave. Ours is sooo very old and on it's last breath. So I found this stainless steel microwave that is simple and reasonable! And last, we'll need a new refrigerator. I found a nice stainless steel double door refrigerator that I would love to have someday.

Well, maybe someday!