October 2, 2008

A Warning about Special Sale Ads

Every year my step-daughter has to have her eyes examined for new glasses. This year my husband decided to try a local shop for her eyeglasses. The shop was having a special on eyewear and you could supposedly by a pair for less than $30, lenses included.

Well, as it turns out the special was only on select frames which no parent in their right mind would put a kid in. And since the shop wasn't sure if they could take my husband's insurance or not, we ended up paying nearly $100 for a pair of glasses, out of pocket.

Then I keep think about other options for eyeglasses. I remember doing a post a while back for
ZenniOptical.com. I loved their prices. You could purchase a pair of eyewear for an insane $8. Heck, just recently they were on fox news and US talk radio. So people are really starting to take notice of their fabulously insane prices! I mean, who wouldn't??

So now I am wondering if my husband would be interesting in purchasing her glasses or his there. I mean if we’re not able to use our insurance for eyeglasses, then we might as well find the lowest possible prices. Don’t you think?

Please Note: This is a paid post and is sponsored by ZenniOptical and Payperpost.