October 16, 2008

Update on Finances

It's been two weeks again. Wow how time flies. Here is the first two weeks for October for my online earnings. Things are getting a little better, but I just wonder how long that will actually last. I did manage to make an extra payment towards an old credit card from my past! It was more than double of the orginal payment which is great! Now the balance of that bill is at $900!

October 1st -14th

Private Sales: $246.00
Payu2blog: $15.00
Payperpost: $ 23.50
Associated Content: $1.68
Slice The Pie: $10.00
Kontera: $0.12
Adbrite: $0.00
Cashcrate: $0.84

This two weeks total is: 297.14. Not too bad. Could use a lot of improvement though.