October 3, 2008

September Financial Update

Things are getting better since I've been pulling in a little more money. Even with the loss of a certain company's sales, things are going good. I have added a new company this week called Adbrite. I've already made some sales with them which is awesome since I just started with them this month.

Here are totals for my last two weeks' of September:

September 14-30

Payu2blog $25.00
MySurvey $10.00,
Cashcrate $1.00
payperpost $52.00
SocialSpark $21.45,
Private Sales $180.00
Kontera $0.05
AdBrite $1.03

This brings the total for the two weeks to $290.53. Now while that might not be a tremendous amount of money for some people, it's really decent for me and almost as much as I made when I work at microtel here in Independence, Kansas. Plus, if the next two weeks goes really well, it will be a little bit over what I need for bills, which means I can put more towards one of the credit cards that I am aiming to pay off.

There are only two credit cards that I need to pay off and their now both under $900! The card that I used for emergencies only is no longer being used, due to the interest rates being taken out two times a month. Was this a mistake on their part? As it turns out, no. So the card is not worth keeping in my opinion. If we ever decide to get another credit card for emergencies, I'll take closer look at the fine print the next time.

Speaking of credit cards, my husband was offered one at the bank where our mortgage is. He was pre-approved for $1500.00 and the interest rate was 5.9%. That's really low and something sounded a little fishy to me, so at the time I convinced my husband that he should hold off on applying for it.

Plus, I have this fear that if he does get the card, he'll be spending the money on non-emergencies and we'll be right back to where we started. With the economy as it is, we certainly don't need any more financial debt!

BTW, if you haven't already, be sure to check out Work at Home Mom Revolution's post on: Recession-Proof Strategies for Work at Home Moms and Dads. It's scary to think just how bad this economy has gotten and that we're having to do a bail out. And what if that bail out falls through? What then?