October 2, 2008

The Power Went Out Again

Our power went out again today. This is not the first time it has gone out. At one point we were left without power for nearly 7 hours. Yet, it's not our fault. The transformer on the corner is actually the culprit, so unfortunately we are not the only ones who are experiencing the frustration of losing power so often.

Now I'm not all that familiar with how the electrical problems work, but I would assume the electric company is responsible. Sure, they've been out there every time to temp fix the problem, but the next week they are back fixing the problem again.

While it's more frustrating that anything, the main worry is, what happens when they're unable to temp fix the problem. Will we lose all of our food? Will we be the ones responsible for replacing it? My husband seems to think so. However, I do not. I don't think we should be replacing food for a problem that isn't our doing.

I remember when I lived in base housing in New Jersey and we lost power. Once everything was said and done and the power was back on, almost everyone on base had lost all of their groceries. So to correct the problem, the base refunded us with shopping vouchers at the commissary. It was nice to know that they weren't making us replace our own food.

So I would assume the electric company would need to do the same. We've already had one incident where the power was out for a very long time, I'm just worried that it will happen again!