October 15, 2008

painting the display shelf

There is a display shelf on my wall that is a country blue. I’m not a fan of country themes inside of the home and my husband and I loved the idea of a cappuccino theme in the kitchen. So, last week I bought a small can of black paint for the display shelf that sits above the lone cabinet counter top. So far I’ve only managed to get a few of the bottoms boards completely painted. My husband suggested priming it and I’m beginning to think it would have been a good idea. I’m already through a half a can of pint sized paint and not even half done with the shelf!

Once I get all of the painting done, I want to create a backboard for the shelf. Currently there is none and the country flowered themes wallpaper seeps through it. I was looking at contact paper, but our local wal-mart doesn’t carry anything that would go with our theme and there are no wallpaper stores around here. I was thinking about looking online for some. I just don’t want to pay big bucks!

I was also thinking about screwing in coffee cups hooks on the bottom boards since this is the areas where our coffee and tea bar will go. Easy access to our favorite everyday coffee cups!