October 16, 2008

Nothing But the Best

Do you believe in fairytale endings. Romances that do become a happily-ever-after? For some it may only exist in a romance novel, yet for others they may find it in places like true.com. There you can search for free and find someone who you can connect with. What is there to lose? Sign up is FREE.

For me, my first fairytale romance or so I thought, happened to be when I was five years old. He was the bully of the class and surprisingly a lot shorter than I was. It took me a very long time to realize he wasn't even remotely interested in me.lol Then again what five year old boy is interested in girls? In the end he pushed me in a mud puddle and went on his merry little way.

I lost contact with him until I graduated high school. By then he had joined the military and was visiting home. I never forgot his face and recognized him right away when he pulled into the stall of the fast food place I worked at and shirtless at that! But did I say anything to him? Nope! Of course he had his mom, so maybe that was part of the reason.

After that I moved away and didn't hear from him again until years later. But I never forgot the boy I had a crush on and ironically he never forgot me. As it turned out he was in a really bad accident that caused him to lose a lot of his memory as a child. But for some odd reason, he remembered me. And even more ironic is the boy who was once a bully grew up to be a gentleman. I'm glad to know him as a friend and I'm pretty sure he feels the same way.

I'm married now, but everyone who frequents my blog, knows that. But for my friend, maybe someday he will also find the fairytale, the one and when he does I'll be Happy for him. Because I know he deserves nothing but the best.