October 27, 2008


This past week was Neewollah. It's our town's local event that has actually made a very good reputation for itself. As a matter of fact people come all the way from California just to be here.

For us, this year almost never happened, however. My husband was recently transferred to night shift at work and because the company he works for is short on decent employees, they're behind on their work. And of course being behind means they have to work even on their original days off. Does it mean more money? Not really. Uncle Same gets a majority of it.

However, at the last minute the company decided to let its employees off a little earlier than planned since the employees worked their asses off and then put up a fight about missing out on Neewollah. So, my husband was able to go downtown to enjoy the festival with us.

We had planned to do a few activities since money is always tight. However, we ended up splurging more than we probably should have.lol We enjoyed different foods from the vendors. Our favorite was cheesecake on a stick although the kids decided it was just way too much for them in the end. Then we headed for the white tigers cages where my husband was able to feed a full grown tiger. I'd tried to snap pics, but unfortunately my camera decided to pull a "Let's Stop Working" number and I was unable to snap any pics. Ironically after the feeding the darn camera started working again!

After visiting the tigers we headed for the haunted house which was more funny than scary. The kids enjoyed themselves, however. Our final stop was the rides, but because it cost $3 a ticket to ride, the kids got to choose one ride only. After that we listened a little to country music singer Terry Clark. I had never even heard of her until Neewollah announced her show.

Even though I didn't get any photos from the festival, I did manage to snap some cute pics of the kids during the kiddie parade. An event that sadly my husband did miss because of work. I hope you enjoy the photos as much as we do.