October 16, 2008

Lasik Surgery

One of the things I have asked my husband about in the past was whether or not he would opt for a lasik surgery since he wears glasses. While I know the thought has crossed his mind, he has always said that he probably would never qualify for the procedure.

I know his vision is really bad, but he's also able to see shapes and shadows without his glasses. Actually I think he can see a little more since I've caught him reading one of my magazines without his glasses. So I'm sure he would actually qualify for something like, lasik surgery.

I actually checked into the procedure for myself several years ago, but as it turns out I don't need lasik surgery. As a matter of fact, my eyesight I was told is just getting better and better as I age. So when everyone else is in bifocals, I'll have nearly perfect vision. How cool is that??

But, I’m still wondering if my husband would be interested in the surgeryand want more LASIK information. I know he has problems at times with his glasses fogging up and then there is the risk of his glasses getting scratched at work. Sooo, I wonder if he checks out the latest in
LASIK technology will he change his mind?