October 4, 2008

Free Land O Lakes Halloween Goodies

Yesterday when I went shopping for groceries at our local wal-mart, I noticed that the prices had gone up, yet again. The mushrooms that I usually buy for under $2, I ended up paying nearly $4 for! The cheap brand of toilet paper that I used to pay $1 for, has gone up to $1.50. And I won't discuss how much the bread was!

Unfortunately there's very little I can do when it comes to a grocery bill and I've already cut some corners on things. I have been making homemade breads and snacks lately, to save some money and I buy the cheaper versions of almost everything when I can get away with it. We've also been going to another store who's groceries are highway robbery there, but cat and dog food are $4 less than what we pay at wal-mart.

Another thing I have been doing is shopping online for freebie offers. Many even come from wal-mart which makes some of the ill-pain I feel towards the company a little easier. I do know that many people don't believe in freebies and while my husband used to be one of them, he's changed his tune after I was able to get him a free subscription to Log Cabin Living just for filling out a survey. So freebies have been such a wonderful blessing in our home.

And let's face it, with the economy the way it is, we can use all of the help we can get. So without further ado, I wanted to share with you a few freebies I thought you might enjoy. Please feel free to let me know when you receive these free goodies and how you liked them!

Halloween is vastly approaching and let me tell you I am a huge fan of Land o' Lakes. My hubby and I absolutely love their whipped sweet cream butter! So when it's on sale or we have a little extra money, we splurge on a container of it.

Here are some great Halloween goodies I found free from them! Enjoy!

Land O' Lakes

Halloween Gift-Giving Labels

Halloween Coloring Sheets

How-To Video: Wicked Witch Hat Cake