October 16, 2008

First half of Chapter 5 of The Generation

This is the first half of the fifth chapter to the novel, "The Generation" that I am working on. If you haven't been reading my novel, here is Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, and Chapter 4. Please feel free to let me know what you think.

The man with the long locks was dangerous, Sara had decided. Definitely dangerous. After the vehicle’s door had opened, he’d stood up and walked out without a word and without looking back.
Now as they stood outside of the vehicle she knew she’d been right. His face was a dark mask filled with bitter hatred. A hatred she knew all too well. A hatred that burned a scar deep inside her own soul. But there was something else, something she was not. She thought as she frowned at the man. A walking time bomb.

Even when she had raised the gun at her father, she’d had enough control, enough sense, to know right from wrong. No matter how much she’d wanted to pull that trigger, in the end she had not given in. She had surrendered. And when the little man and several military soldiers burst into the room and apprehended her, she had surrendered.
Military soldiers were brutal, everyone knew that. If citizens resisted, there was hell to pay. But now she wondered about the little man. She hadn’t resisted, so she assumed she would be taken back to Howswel Institute at the least, or Military Force Maximum Security Cells at worse. She could have easily escaped Howswel again without question and had even gone as far as mentally preparing herself for the cells, but this was definitely not Howswel or maximum security. This place was far from it.

She’d recognized the place as soon as they’d stepped out of the vehicle. They were outside of Fort Doley. Closed by the state, the army base had once been home to thousands of soldiers until California had decided soldiers were no longer a necessity since the arrival of The Military Force.

“Hey.” It was the tall dark-skinned kid who spoke. “Ho`olohe, Listen.”
“What?“ Sara turned to the kid, confused. Ho`olohe? What did that mean? What was he saying?
“Listen.” He spoke in English this time.
Listen? What was he talking about? Straining, she listened closely. Silence. There was only silence. But then something very faint, very distinct broke through that silence. Tick Tick Tick.
It sounded like a-.