October 7, 2008

Credit Cards vs Money Orders and Checks

One of the things I've been seriously wondering about is whether to look into some form of credit
card processing since I do all of my work online. If I ever open an online business shop, I make just do that. I know it's faster than someone sending a money order or check and so much safer for both paying customers and myself.

I mean think about it? What customer is going to want to order a product and then send a check or money order and hope that he sees his product in return? And how am I to know that the check is trustworthy? I'd have to wait 30 days at least for the check to clear and the customer would have to wait just as long to receive his/her product. It would be an inconvenience for both of us. Using a form of credit card processing is so much easier and faster and in my opinion, the only way to go.

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