October 16, 2008

Chapter 4 of The Generation

This is the fourth chapter to the novel, "The Generation" that I am working on. If you haven't been reading my novel, here is Chapter 1, Chapter 2 and Chapter 3. Please feel free to let me know what you think.

"Chapter Four"

Jake slowly awoke to the rumbling sound of a motor and what felt like one hell of a hangover. He shifted, sat up and winced as pain ripped it’s way through his entire body.

He was in a vehicle, some sort of cargo transportation truck, that much he could guess, and he wasn‘t alone. Alone. That’s what he’d thought the regal-faced man had been. Alone and unarmed. Right. He should’ve known better. Should’ve seen it coming. Four soldiers had been waiting in the shadows and when he’d turned to walk away from the man, they had attacked out of the darkness like thieves in the night shooting him with a tranquilizer taser. That was the last thing he remembered.

Reckless. Stupid. Dumb, he thought, as he studied his surroundings. There were two guys and a girl slumped across from him. He wasn’t sure of their story, but he’d be willing to bet that same man had something to do with it. He watched the girl’s full round lips quiver, her soft angled brows crease with worry, and wondered what sort of nightmare had worked it’s way into her sleep.

He studied the guy to the left of her who looked to be about nineteen. His hair, Sandy blonde, reminded Jake of Anna’s, the way the sun kissed her golden streaked curls. A heavy ache settled in his chest as he thought of her. He muttered a curse at his sudden weakness. He needed a cigarette.

He slipped a callused hand inside the pocket of his jacket and breathed a sigh of relief. He chuckled softly at the familiar rectangular package and cold oblong plastic of the lighter. They hadn’t bothered to check his pockets.

He took a cigarette out and lit it. The truck was enclosed completely by solid steel metal except for a tiny window not even big enough for a small child to crawl through. There was also a square indenture around the window indicating an automated remote door that only opened from the outside, but if luck was on his side there just might be a possibility that the remote had failed when the door closed.

Sitting next to the window was a dark-haired kid who couldn’t have been any more than eighteen. He wore athletic sneakers, prussian blue cargo shorts and a matching cargo shirt. Jake knew just by the way he dressed he was a Class A or as he preferred to call them, a richy. No one below that classification could afford cargos unless you stole them and that was impossible. The military force always knew who was class A and a person caught stealing from a class A, let alone show off his talent, faced death.

“I already checked. It‘s secured tight.“ The richy said as if he knew exactly what Jake had been thinking.

Jake eyed him suspiciously. What the hell did he know. He took a drag of the cigarette, stared at the richy and frowned. He had a sudden feeling he knew the richy from somewhere, but before he could put a name with the face the vehicle came to a sudden stop.

A jerking motion caused David to jolt in an upright position, his muscles screaming from pain. The last thing he remembered was opening the door to a superior looking man and several soldiers surrounding him at that man’s command. Now as the pain in his muscles subsided to a slow dull ache, David focused on the circumstances before him.

A man with long black hair sat across from him, a cigarette dangled loosely from the corner of his lips, the dark gray smoke drifting. He wore a distressed black leather jacket and faded blue jeans that showed the wear and tear of a hard worker. A class C, he imagined. David watched as the man took a drag of the cigarette and scowled at him. A dark-skinned boy sitting next to him was looking out a tiny glass window.

“We’re outside of Fort Doley.” There was a concern in boy’s voice as he pressed his face against the glass.

A concern David never seemed to notice. Instead, he’d noticed the girl stirring beside him. She had dark brown hair followed by the greenest eyes he had ever seen, and when he turned and smiled into those deep sea green eyes, the girl let out a strangled cry.

“Sorry. I Didn‘t mean to startle you.” He said.

“What?“ The girl blinked back in surprise.

“I said I didn‘t mean to startle you.”

Jake‘s head had shot up at the strangled cry, his first thought, the girl was in some sort of danger. When it had been obvious she wasn’t, he’d mumbled a curse at his foolishness and crushed out his cigarette against the vehicle’s interior.

The kid hadn’t even known her for five minutes and he was already drooling over her like a Saint Bernard. It didn’t even bother him that the kid was a lovesick fool. What did bother him was the richy’s mention of Fort Doley and the fact that the kid hadn’t even blinked an eye over it. He would have expected the girl to tune out serious trouble if she had been awake, women always did, but a guy was another story. Guys responded to trouble. Always.

“Something’s happening.“ He watched as the richy backed away from the window and the automated door slowly began to open. Lovesick fool or not, he would rather face what was out there than watch the two love birds before him. It was time to get the hell out of there.