October 3, 2008

Can You Afford a Nice Business Suit in this Economy

With the economy the way it is and companies having to shut their doors, I often wonder what will happen to my cousin who works as a loan officer in a bank. The last I knew, he was doing okay, but I also know there was a time when he was barely staying afloat. That was when he first started, however.

Back then he always needed business suits for work. He's a jeans and t-shirts kinda guy, so the man did not own a suit in his wardrobe.lol But, before the economy went downhill, I'm pretty sure he was to the point where he could pick out a suit and have it designed to his specific needs, like what MySuitNY.com allows customers to do.

I think their Made to Measure suits are great because not every guy is created equal. Some guys have broad shoulders while other guys have very long arms or a thicker middle. Plus I think it's great that you can design your own suit. You can choose the fabric, the style, everything! Now why can't they do that for women???

The great part about MySuitNY.com
is that they know their stuff. They've been in the retail industry for over 40 years! So whether you work at a bank like my cousin or your a CEO if a company who has no choice, but to wear nice business suits on a daily basis, MySuitNY has you covered! HA! Pun intended!

Please Note: This is a paid post and is sponsord by MySuitNY and Payperpost.