October 10, 2008

Angelina Nursing Her Baby Not Allowed?

I just don't get it. People are having issues because a photo that actor Brad Pitt took of actress Angelina Jolie for a magazine cover, shows her nursing. Ironically you can barely even see anything from what I understand.

So I'm not understanding what the real issue is? Apparently this isn't the only time people have had an issue with her breastfeeding. She donned a nursing bra under her tank top on the cover of People magazine and that apparently had people in an uproar???

I remember when a neighbor friend of mine who is also a writer once got a ticket for breastfeeding in her vehicle on her lunch break at work. I guess for some people it seems, when a baby is hungry let them starve until you are at home. But it's okay for someone to be in a teeny tiny bikini on a sports magazine cover. No complaints there! Geesh!!!! Some people need to really grow up. I see no problem with breastfeeding as long as it's done tastefully and covered up. A baby has to eat too you know!